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Women Returning to the Workforce

Happy #InternationalWomensDay. This is my mom who was one of my biggest cheerleaders to pursue my dreams. She shared with me once that her dream was to be a stewardess (that's what they called them in the 1950's). She loved to travel and thought it would be an exciting career. Her father told her she could not because he did not think it was an acceptable career in 1957. Thank goodness a lot has changed since then! I can't even imagine and I am grateful for her along with all the wonderful women who paved the road before me.

A lot has changed in the past year with the workforce as well! Since the #Pandemic, women accounted for more than 60% of the lost workforce according to a SHRM article stating Pandemic figures from the Bureau of Labor. Recent statistics have shown that women have taken advantage of the white hot jobs market and by returning to work, have regained all of the Pandemic losses.

For women with four year degrees, the picture is rosier than for those without. Many factors are driving this, but data suggests it's a combination of schools and daycares being fully open, and pent-up demand to get back to life with a sense of normalcy. Salaries are increasing as well due to tight labor pools in professional categories such as architecture and engineering. Companies are striving to diversify from their 'pale, male, and stale' historic roots and add more women and people of color in the workplace.

A more flexible workplace has also contributed to more women going back into the workplace. I had one client who is a #civilengineering discipline leader for her firm and she shared that the Pandemic gave her the opportunity to have a flexible work/life balance. She cherished the time that she could get her kids off the bus, get them a snack, and then return to work without missing a beat. As people are considering life back to "normal", the majority of the architects and engineers I speak with want the best of both worlds with a flexible mix of work-from-home and working in an office to collaborate with their peers.

Now....about that #payequity...... Happy International Women's Day!


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