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Read Our Testimonials.


"A friend of mine is looking for a job (not in civil engineering) and she was saying she wished she had a Kevin to help her the way you helped me! I am very happy with where I ended up." - Candidate


"SCG has great relationships with the companies they work with. This was evident to me by the rapport SCG has with the HR personnel we worked with while helping to place me. Rather than simply finding a job description that matched what I can do, SCG was able to tell me about the companies themselves and help me to figure out which company culture fit my personality the best." - Candidate


"[Candidate] is doing great! He has fit right in and is helping on quite a few projects. Great find Juli!" - Client


"After their first month on the job this [Candidate] is doing very well! He enjoys what he is doing and feels very good about his decision, mentioning he could not ask for a more helpful or professional group of people to be learning with. He fits in well in the group. I believe he is going to be a major contributor to the team in the future. He is such a pleasant guy, always smiling and so very polite. A great find!" - Client


“Juli is one of the rare recruiters that you will have a conversation with that will make you feel as if they are genuinely looking to place the right candidate with the right employer, ensuring both parties find what they are looking for. She was “spot on” in finding me and placing me in my position 13 years ago and has been instrumental in finding new talent for my company since then. She is a true professional, very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with.” - Client


“You guys just know the market so well and have always given us great candidates without wasting our time.” - Client


“Juli is a valued source of information not only in the recruitment area but our business. We have not used third party recruitment services over the last eight years yet Juli Smith now has become my number "ONE" and ONLY recruiter of choice. Why? Integrity. Juli can be depended upon to make a good match between our company and the candidate. I have a good working relationship with Juli, and I know her professionalism and sincerity will be to find "the best of the best" for you. I believe this quality is what makes me trust her and brings that enjoyment out in working with her. “

- Client


"As a young emerging professional in the Architecture & Planning field, I would say the overall approach that SCG brings to potential candidates is very unique. I would also say the communication and willingness to listen and learn about a candidate in such a short amount time is impressive and very appreciative to say the least." - Candidate

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