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Juli Smith, President


I am the President of The Smith Consulting Group. I started recruiting in 1986 for a large national search firm and came back into the industry in 2001 after spending the bulk of my career in outside sales and sales management. It was a natural progression to start my own firm in 2006. Since that time, The Smith Consulting Group has specialized in civil engineering and architecture. I love living in a small town in the Midwest with my husband, kids, and nutty dog (see below).

What food do you crave more than any other? - Hands down, pizza. I could eat pizza everyday of the week.

Kevin Smith

I lead our firm’s marketing and business development efforts.  I have spent 30 years of my career in different roles within commercial general contracting and the wireless tower construction business.  The experience and knowledge I gained throughout my construction career enables me to have a keen understanding of your hiring needs; I have been a hiring manager and I have been a candidate.  I am a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in Construction Management. An avid runner and outdoorsman, I enjoy the four seasons of Michigan.

What is your biggest regret? - Not taking that offer to be a starting quarterback in the NFL... no wait, that definitely did not happen! Biggest regret business wise would be not having the advice that I dispense now for intentionally moving my career forward earlier in my career. I would have initiated more conversations with the people above me for guidance, advice and input.

Clay Waterbury

I lead the research team & social media marketing for the Smith Consulting Group. I am currently enrolled at Michigan State University and I am pursuing a degree in Landscape Architecture and a Master of Arts in Environmental Design. I grew up local to the Jackson area and often travel to visit my family in Traverse City. I love to read and take time to enjoy nature.

What is your favorite quote? - "A life is not defined by it's length, but by the worth of it's deeds and the power of it's dreams" - T.A. Barron

Heather Smith

I am a Project Coordinator with The Smith Consulting Group. I have previous recruiting experience as well as many years of teaching experience within correctional facilities. I have two decades worth of experience in the customer service industry. I have a beautiful 22 year old daughter and an 8 year old son. I also have four fur-babies which consist of a Boxer puppy, a Yorkie-Poo and two cats.

If you were a bagel, what type of bagel would you be? - I'd have to be an everything bagel (with bacon horseradish cream cheese, of course!).


I am SCG's Director of Employee Engagement. My job is to jump up and spread joy or at least get a good sniff of anyone who comes to see my owners. I am in love with our mail lady. If you ever visit our office, please have cookies in your pocket for me like my girlfriend, the mail lady. When I am not sleeping in my snuggle ball, I tend to roam about the office looking for scraps of cookies I might have missed from my girlfriend, the mail lady. Sometimes, I sleep with my legs in the air just to mix it up a bit. I also work part time chasing squirrels in my backyard, occasionally catching them and giving my owner a fright.

If you could do something mischievous without anyone ever finding out, what would it be? - I would definitely take down that squirrel in the backyard that has been tormenting me for years. 


We're fun people! We work hard but we also take the time to laugh every day. We don't dwell too long on setbacks. We keep moving forward by choosing to have an abundance mindset, to have fun and to love what we do.


 Our favorite office event? The SCG Olympics! If you need a laugh, be sure to check out our antics.

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Address: 180 West Michigan Ave, Suite 906 Jackson, MI 49201

Tel: 517-768-1460

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