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What if it’s better than what you have now!

As a long time executive recruiter, I speak with potential candidates that say “I am happy, not interested” and hang up the phone before I can even share why I am calling. How do you know that the opportunity I have, is not something better than what you have currently? Why make a hasty decision based on what you don’t know. Here’s one thing that I do know for sure: your job can change in a heartbeat. With all the private equity firm buyouts, companies merging with large publicly traded companies, and even your favorite boss deciding to leave, your situation could change tomorrow!

Let me pose this question to you. What if my client’s opportunity is your dream job that offers you something better and more special than what you have right now? You will never know if you don’t take five minutes to listen. Perhaps the timing is not right for you, or you are already at the professional peak of Nirvana in your current job. If that’s the case, I get it! It never hurts to establish a relationship with a professional recruiter in your niche. Also, most of the jobs that I fill are never advertised on the internet so you would never know about it without accepting my call.

What keeps me happy and energized in my own job every day, is knowing that I can change someone’s life for the better, both professionally and personally. The next time you get a call from a recruiter, take a minute to listen. If it’s a bad time, give them a call back on your ride home. Don’t let that special opportunity get away from you. The possibilities start with a phone call.




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