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Tips to Look for a Role During the Holidays

It is not necessarily a foregone conclusion that companies stop hiring during the holidays. In fact, November and December have been some of my busiest months in the recruiting business placing architects and engineers and it’s not looking like this year is any different despite COVID. Many companies want to get their openings filled with offers accepted and new employees starting as soon as the holidays are over. Many companies are willing to start people before the holidays to give people a ‘soft runway’ from which to take off.


Here are a few tips for active job seekers:

· DON’T assume no one is hiring! Send your resume and follow up with an email and a phone call

· DON’T assume a company will want to wait until after the holidays to make an offer!

· DO continue to actively network yourself and build your professional network on LinkedIn

· DO offer to buy “virtual” or in-person coffee to network yourself- follow up with an email thank you to that person to build your network

· DO make sure all your professional references are in order and ready to receive calls

The early-bird gets the worm as they say and while you are continuing your job search, many others are taking the holidays off so there will be less competition.


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