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Managing the Growth of YOUR Career

I have written articles about this in the past such as seeking out a mentor, taking charge of your own career, etc. and I think it truly bears repeating after several recent conversations with young engineers and architects in the past few months.

I love the Harvard Business Review. There are always great articles that apply to our everyday career and I saw this one this morning that reminded me of the topic. No one is going to hold your hand and develop your career for you. In the article, they have 6 great tips on managing your own growth, but the underlying gist is that this is on YOU, kid!

Take charge!

Not getting mentored? Seek one out. Look for people who are in the place you ideally want to be in 3, 5, or 10 years from now.

Not getting recognition for your accomplishments? Seek to understand how your being measured and learn your key performance indicators. Set a goal to work on your areas of weakness and improve upon your strengths.

Want more exposure to top management? Volunteer for campus recruiting or company charity events. Your company doesn't do charity? OH, well start one of your own and lead others in the firm to do it with you!

Looking for a promotion? Increase your value in the organization by becoming the subject matter expert on something in the firm such as new software or social media. Your firm doesn't work with Revit? Take a class and learn it and then pitch the idea to your leadership that you will spearhead training other people.

I have spoken with many architects that are frustrated they are getting passed over for jobs because they don't know Revit. I have spoken with engineers who are frustrated that they don't have any client contact. Learn how to speak well in front of a crowd and join Toastmasters. Investing in yourself to pay for and take a class or join an organization will pay off in spades down the road. Maybe your company doesn't take the time or spend the money to invest in you, but you have choices to either invest in yourself or find a company who will but either way, you are driving your own career!


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