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Why Would I Use a Recruiter?

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

That’s a very good question and one that seems to surface more during the good economic times. Here’s a few good reasons why it makes sense to further your career with the help from a good recruiter who works in your niche:

1. Confidentiality: A recruiter is generally working with the hiring manager and the human resources team so your resume will be seen by a limited number of people. Recruiters rely heavily on referrals so it’s extremely important to maintain strict confidentiality to protect their reputation in the marketplace as being someone you can trust.

2. Access: A good recruiter will learn your “why” and be able to match that up with clients who have similar cultures and they will package your background to present you in the best possible light to those firms who may have a need for someone like you. Good recruiters have relationships with firms who use them as an extension of their internal HR departments as talent scouts in the market. Many positions are filled without ever having been posted.

3. Speed: A good headhunter will source the top opportunities, present them to you, arrange your interview, prepare you for the meeting, give you feedback after the interview and help negotiate your offer.

Anyone can sell their own home, but it’s simpler and faster to turn that over to someone who does it every day. The same holds true for advancing your career with the help of a recruiter. The key is to develop a good relationship with a recruiter who specializes in your niche BEFORE you need one. You never know what crazy curve balls life is going to throw at you... AECOM acquiring URS?

The next time a recruiter calls you, talk to them and learn about their recruiting philosophy. Are they likable or do you get the sense they just want to place you to collect a fee? Do they know your market? They should be a specialist in your niche. You wouldn’t have your local family doctor also repair a torn ligament in your knee. Good recruiters spend years developing specialized knowledge in a specific niche so it’s important to work with a specialist who knows your market. A relationship with a recruiter can mean access to plum opportunities in the market.

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